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No matter how old you are you're never fully…

No matter how old you are you're never fully Grown

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Both in their early 20s, Aleeza Kazmi and Fonzo Lacayo may have “grown up” on paper, but they’re still navigating adulthood - dealing with stuff like post-college jobs and moving out of their parents house for the first time.

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Fonzo Lacayo

Fonzo is a Moth alumni who was first introduced to the organization through their EDU program in 2013. He is a passionate creative from the Bronx who appreciates the art of storytelling and self-expression.


Aleeza is a multimedia storyteller passionate about using the power of storytelling for social good. Her own stories have been featured in Teen Vogue and The Moth’s New York Times bestselling story collection, Occasional Magic.

Previous Episode

At Home In Your Body: Puberty, body image, and swimsuits

Bodies, bodies, bodies. This episode is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. Annie Beyer-Chafets undergoes an important surgery, and Adia Heyliger talks about body positivity. After that, we get real about body changes, and Fonzo and Aleeza discuss puberty.


Episode 5

Family and Food: Dinner, drama, and deliciousness

Apple cake. Pizza. Dinner parties. In this mouthwatering (sorry) episode, food connects everyone. Luna Azcurrain creates a Thanksgiving tradition with her grandfather, and Lu Levin desperately tries to grow up. We visit a food festival, and Aleeza and Fonzo talk about their families.

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Grown is a podcast about
The in-between: the nebulous, the liminal, the just plain weird time between those awkward teenage years and full-on adulthood.

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Special Thanks to: Julia Purcell, KA Carter, our teen focus group, and everyone who sent in audio for our montages | The Moth’s Leadership Team: Sarah Haberman, Catherine Burns, Sarah Austin Jenness, Jenifer Hixson, Meg Bowles, Kate Tellers, Jennifer Birmingham, Marina Klutse, Suzanne Rust, Brandon Grant, Lee Ann Gullie and Aldi Kaza | Support is provided by Spring Point Partners. | Podcast artwork by Sarah DiMichele. | Photo credit Annie Millman

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